Trzcińsko Zdrój – town hall


   The Town Hall was originally Merchant House, wchich was rebuilt in the end of the 14th century to serve as the seat of the municipal authorities. To the east of it was added a market hall. The first mention of it comes from 1409, when the town residents decided to erect a building called by them “theatrum”. At the turn of the 15th and 16th century it was enlarged by the combination of both parts and by the construction of a new storey. The town hall was often destroyed, so it was repeatedly repaired and rebuilt. Such actions were taken after the destruction of the Thirty Years War, at the end of the 17th century, and also in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. The last major renovation of the town hall was in the nineties of the twentieth century.


   The town hall was built of bricks on a rectangular plan, with two floors topped with an attic covered with a gable roof. The entrance to the building is located on the eastern side of the wall and is decorated with a Gothic, pointed portal. A distinctive feature is the gable of western façade in the shape of a triangle, with a tracery decor and pinnacles placed on its edges. From the old foundations remained high basement, with vaulted ceilings. On the ground floor the only original interior has an entry lobby with a rib vault, placed between two older rooms and a staircase. The former court room is decorated with net vaults with Renaissance polychrome, created in the 16th century.

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