Trzcinica – St Dorothy’s Church


   The church in Trzcinica was erected in 1551, as evidenced by the date carved on the lintel. It was probably not the first church in this place and before it stood an earlier, small, wooden temple. The initiator of the construction of the church was Zofia from Marszowice Ocieska, and the founder was her husband, Jan Ocieski, then the crown chancellor, the starosta biecki. At that time they were tenutars of Trzcinica as royal property. The church has been restored and renewed several times. At the end of the 16th century a tower was added to the western elevation, which was strongly transformed in the early 20th century. In the years 1800-1806 a new polychrome was painted on the existing 16th century. In 1857 the south porch was added to the chapel of Our Lady and the whole building was planked. Between 1995 and 2010, a comprehensive restoration work was carried out in the church.


   The church was built in the gothic tradition as a orienteted one-nave, of the framework construction. The walls of fir wood were laid on an oak floor. It has an almost square nave and a rectangular ended chancel. From the north to chancel is adjoined vestry on the elongated rectangle. The nave and chancel windows are in the shape of ogee. The tower is surrounded by open arcades. The church has a gable roof with a common ridge above the nave and chancel, and the whole building is covered with shingle.
The interior is illuminated according to the gothic tradition only by windows on the south and east side. Originally the church had two entrances, from the west and south. The double-leafed door from the 15th century in the western portal has preserved gothic smith fittings with rhombic motifs. The interior is covered with flat ceilings. Inside the church is preserved renaissance polychromy from the 16th century.

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