Trybsz – church of St Elisabeth of Hungary


   Church of St. Elisabeth of Hungary in Trybsz was probably founded in 1567. The temple was completely renovated in the first half of the 17th century. This renewal was related to the recatholisation of Trybsz and the takeover of the temple from the hands of the Protestants. During the renovation work in 1924, the tower and sacristy were demolished. In the post-war years, the church was completely restored and several times preserved.


   It is a late Gothic, aisleless church with a narrower, three-side ended chancel. The nave was built on a plan close to the square, with a porch on the south side. It is covered with a saddle roof, covered with shingles with a raised edge over the front wall. The church was built in the framework of larch wood, the outside was shingled and placed on a stone foundation.

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