Tolkmicko – St James’ Church


   The Gothic church of St. James was erected in the second half of the 14th century, on the site of an earlier wooden temple, recorded in a document from 1344, when it was transferred with all its property and income to the Holy Spirit Hospital in Elbląg. Consecration of brick church was made in 1376 by the bishop of Warmia Henry III Sorbom. It was dedicated to the Victorious Cross, the Blessed Virgin Mary and St. James the Apostle.
   The church was destroyed three times by great fires: in 1550, 1636 and 1767. In 1783 the temple was rebuilt with the contributions of the people throughout Warmia. In the years 1901-1902 the building was greatly rebuilt. It was expanded to include a transept, two vestries and a new chancel. Two matronea were erected on the left and right sides of the transept. The church also received homogeneous neo-Gothic equipment.


   The medieval church was built on a rectangular plan with a massive, four-sided, three-story tower added from west side. Originally, it had the form of a three-aisle structure in the shape of a three-bay basilica, i.e. it had a central nave higher than the side aisles. The Gothic form of the church was emphasized by pointed windows pierced between the buttresses strengthening the walls of the aisles. In the interior, the central nave with three bays was separated from the aisles by four massive, but relatively low pillars, supporting pointed, moulded arcades. There are stellar vaults above them. Its ribs were gathered and joined in bundles (seven in each) over the wall corbels, just below the windows line.

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