Tłokowo – St John the Baptist’s Church


   The church was erected in 1370-1390 or around 1400 (in 1402 a papal privilege was issued for indulgences). Around 1500 it was completely rebuilt. In 1622, a burial chapel was added to the east, and in the 18th century a wooden bell tower and a small porch. During this time, windows were also replaced and new openings on the north side of the nave were added, which initially was devoid of them. In the 90s of the twentieth century conservation works were carried out to uncover wall paintings and fix them.


   It is an orientated church, built of red brick, Gothic style. It has a aisleless interior, without a chancel. From the west is adjacent a massive wooden tower. The shorter facades of the church are adorned with elaborate gables, each separated by the prismatic pillars on 16 blended boxes composed of triangular small gables and pinnacles. In the interior there are fragments of gothic polychromes from the mid-15th century, as well as tracery decorations carved in the plaster. The ceiling is covered with wooden beams.

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Website leksykonkultury.ceik.eu, Kościół pw. św. Jana Chrzciciela w Tłokowie.
Website zabytek.pl, Kościół filialny pw. św. Jana Chrzciciela Tłokowo.