Tarnowo Pałuckie – St Nicholas’ Church


   The church in Tarnowo Pałuckie already functioned in the thirteenth century, because it was noted in the obituaries of the Cistercian abbey from Łekno that its parish priest died in 1263. Another church was built, as dendrochronological research has shown, at the turn of 1373 and 1374. From its origin up to 1835, it was under the auspices of the Cistercians of Łekno and Wągrowiec, who received a privilege from king Casimir the Great for the founding of the city under Magdeburg law. Probably in the middle of the 17th century a tower was added. In the years 1911-1915 and in the year 1922 the work of securing the temple was carried out. Between 1951 and 1952, polychromy was cleaned, and from 1994 to 2002, a complete renovation and maintenance of the church took place.


   The church was erected as a structure orientated towards the sides of the world, built of pine wood in a log construction and boarded. It received a single nave on a rectangular plan and a narrower chancel closed in the east with a straight wall. From the north, a sacristy was added to it, and from the west, a tower of a pole structure with a porch in the ground floor. The roofs were covered with shingles.

Current state

   Church of St. Nicholas is considered as the oldest wooden church in Poland, which additionally, to this day has been preserved in oryginal form. It is under the care of the Regional Museum in Wągrowiec. Entrance to the interior is possible on the occasion of holy masses and after previous contact with the Museum. Inside, the walls of the nave and chancel as well as the ceilings are covered with a late-Renaissance polychrome from around 1639.

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Website zabytek.pl, Kościół pw. św. Mikołaja Tarnowo Pałuckie.