Tarnówko – church


The church in Tarnówko was probably built in the late 15th century. Since the Reformation until 1945, it was an evangelical church, under the patronage of the owners of the von Petersdorff family. Probably in the 16th century a stone tower was added to the church. From 1515 comes a mention of the founding of bells, which would mean the completion of construction. In the 18th and 19th centuries the church was rebuilt. During World War II the temple was severely damaged. Since then it has been abandoned and has been subject to systematic devastation.


The church was built on a rectangular plan with a triangular end of eastern part. It was made of ceramic brick on limestone. The tower is erected on a rectangular plan, built of field stones, with smaller boulders and bricks in the joints. On the east wall of the tower is fragmentary preserved bossage in the plaster.

Current state

At present only the fragments of the perimeter walls of the nave have been preserved to a height of about 40-50 cm and the tower originally added to the western wall.

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