Tarnów – church of the Assumption


   The church was erected in 1458 on the site of an older temple. After damage by fire in the early seventeenth century was rebuilt around 1621 by priest Andrzej Tarła. In the mid-nineteenth century, due to the danger of the sloping bank, the church was moved to a new brick foundation. In 1910 a tower was added, partially rebuilt in 1963-1964. At the turn of 2008 and 2009 the building was repaired.


   The church is an orientated, timber structure with a framework (without using nails), with a tower on the west side and narrower than the nave, a polygonaly ended presbytery. The nave, the chancel and the adjoining vestibule on the north cover a steep roof. The tower has an overhanged porch, topped with an onion helmet. The interior of the church is covered with flat ceilings, covered with figural and ornamental polychrome, supported on profiled columns.

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