Tarczek – St Giles church


   Church of St. Giles was founded in the first half of the 13th century by the foundation of the bishop of Kraków, Iwo Odrowąż, allegedly on the site of the church from the 11th century. In 1591 the building was refurbished. The western facade was then rebuilt and the western matroneum was dismantled. In the 17th or 18th centuries new openings in the western façade were added and a porch was erected. In 1738, the roof and vaults condition of the temple was described as very bad. In 1803, church was restaurated and among others, buttress and windows were built. In 1887 the interior of the nave was whitewashed and covered with a wooden ceiling. In the years 1945-1946 a new vault in chancel was erected, fragments of the romanesque stonework and early modern polychrome were unveiled. In the years 1952-1954 another renovation was made. In 2010-2012, restoration and construction works were carried out at the church. The roof has been replaced, aesthetics of the façades were improved and the romanesque window was restored.


   The church is an orientated structure, built of sandstone blocs. It consists of a one-nave body with a narrower and lower, square, simple ended presbytery. In the south wall of the chancel there is a fragment of plait frieze, and in the porch the late gothic portal. In the nave and chancel can be seen remnants of roman windows and stonework.
   Inside, in the western part of the nave, there was originally a gallery, but no traces of vaults were found, which implies the adoption of wooden ceilings. The gallery was a tribune on two columns supported by three arcades and a small sill. Currently, in the church there is a gothic bas-relief from the 16th century, a renaissance triptych from about 1540 and a romanesque baptismal font.

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