Szydłów – synagogue


   The late Gothic synagogue in Szydłów was built in the years 1534-1564. At the beginning of the 17th century, it was undergoing a first redevelopment, during which a wooden annex was added to the western wall, which housed the upper floor of the women’s porch. In 1784 a new decoration and polychromies were made by Jehud Lejb. In the 19th century the synagogue was destroyed by the fire, but it was immediately repaired. During the Second World War the nazis devastated the inside of the synagogue and placed a warehouse of weapons and food in it. At the end of the war, the building was temporarily acting as a cinema, then in ruins it was deserted for many years. In 1967 the synagogue, by decision of the authorities, was dedicated to be the Municipal House of Culture, and in 1978 the building was renovated.


   The synagogue is made of stone on a rectangular plan. It elevations with a late Gothic cornice and buttresses, between which the windows were pierced. Walls of 2 meters thick are crowned with battlements, giving it a defensive character.

Current state

   The synagogue is one of the oldest surviving buildings of this type in Poland. At present there is a museum with a small exhibition of Judaica located in it. In addition, exhibitions of sculpture and painting are organized.

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Website, Synagoga w Szydłowie.