Szprotawa – town defensive walls


   The defensive walls in Szprotawa were erected in the 14th century, in place of wooden-earth fortifications. Construction work continued until the 16th century. Finally, the town‘s fortifications included the town with the castle and the market settlement. In the sixteenth century, urban settlement began to go beyond the fortifications, since there was no place for a constantly growing population. The walls were repaired in 1554 – 1558 and 1583-1584.
   The first major attempt at fortifications was made in 1488, when Szprotawa was besieged by the Hungarians. Eventually the town then capitulated. Another attempt of fighting was made in 1641 as a result of the Swedish invasion. Also a
t that time, the town was capitulated, and as a result of the siege the castle was completely burnt. Damaged fortifications few years later were even more devastated, because in 1672 a massive fire broke out in the town, which also did not spare the fortifications. Another fire of 1702 was equally disastrous for the Szprotawa fortifications. In 1804, the walls were demolished and gates were demolished in 1826-1836. Over time, the moat was filled, and at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries a town park was built on the site of the ramparts.


   The walls were made of glacial erratic stone and turf ore. They were reinforced with about 25 towers. There were two gates in the ring of the walls: Glogowska, also called Clay Gate and Żagańska, also called Stone Gate and three wicket gates. Szprotawa river swept the town on two sides, making it a moat. The castle remained outside the town fortifications, was separated by a moat and its own fortification system.

Current state

   To modern times defense walls have survived in a few fragments. Apart from the remains of the Żagań Gate, there are also a western section along Ogrodowa Street, consisting of a wall about 2 meters high and a tower secured in the form of ruin. The northern part is a wall up to 3 meters high and two towers.

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