Świecie nad Wisłą – St Stanislaus Church


The chancel and vestry and the base of the church tower were built in the years 1400-1410. It was only after 1470 that the nave was built. Long construction was caused by interruptions, forced by the ongoing Polish-Teutonic war. The building was consecrated in 1521. In the years 1626-1629 after the first Swedish war, was rebuilt in the renaissance style. In 1945, during the battle for the city was destroyed. Reconstruction was conducted in 1983-1988.


Gothic – renaissance building consists of three-nave corps, chancel and tower. The chancel was closed from the east with a straight wall topped with a gable decorated with pinnacles and blendes and reinforced with buttresses. Its eastern wall is pierced with a single, pointed arch window flanked by two blendes with an identical pattern. In addition to the chancel there is also a gothic vestry with a rib vault.

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Website odznaka.kuj-pom.bydgoszcz.pttk.pl, kościół p.w. św Stanisława Biskupa i Matki Boskiej Częstochowskiej w Świeciu.