Świecie – castle


   The castle was probably created in the first decades of the 14th century at the order of the prince of Świdnica-Jawor Bernard to protect the route running from Lusatia to Lubań and Jelenia Góra. It lost his military importance after the inclusion of Silesia to the Czech. After the fire in 1527 the castle was rebuilt in renaissance style. Again it was rebuilt after a fire in the first half of the 18th century when a baroque palace was erected in its eastern part. In 1827 it burned again and since then it has been ruined, although in the 20th century it was still partially used when the inn was erected there.


   The castle had a plan similar to a flattened oval, corresponding to the shape of a hill. It occupied a small area, its longer axis was about 27 meters, and the average width was about 11. From the east there was a small courtyard with a gate in the bow curtain. In the early modern times, in the eastern part of the castle, a new residential house was built, using fragments of an older chapel. It was connected to the tower. The castle was surrounded by an outer wall with a gate from the west and the moat. From the south there was an economic outer bailey.

Current state

   The castle is preserved in a readable ruin. It have survived a considerable part of the gothic peripheral walls, almost full tower and residential building with internal divisions and fragments of vaults. Until recently it has been extremely neglected and unsecured, now it is in private hands and attempts are being made to revitalize it.

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