Suliszowice – castle


   The watchtower was probably built in the 14th century, but it is not certain whether at the initiative of king Kazimierz the Great or prince Władysław Opolczyk. It was first mentioned only in 1581 and already it was probably abandoned.


   The castle consisted of the upper part situated on a rock 15-20 meters high and the lower part surrounded by an earth rampart and a moat at the base of the rock. There, the embankment formed two sections closing the space between the next rock block located in the east. The castle was built of unworked limestone, and its walls were up to 1.8 meters thick.

Current state

   To this day have survived a section of the wall, length of 19,5 meters and the thickness of up to 1,8 meters and the relics of the buildings at the foot of the rock. The entrance to the rock is very difficult.

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