Strzelin – town hall


The town hall was probably built at the beginning of the 14th century in the place of a large merchant house built before the town location. In 1520 rebuilding was started, finished six years later. It was given an early renaissance style. During the great fire of the city in 1548 the town hall was destroyed. A year later the reconstruction was started, which was completed in 1564. The building was enlarged, and the whole was topped with an attic, shielding the roof tops. In 1648 the tower collapsed, damaging the roof and part of the town hall walls. Another fire occurred in 1706, and in 1817 the town hall tower damaged the lightning strike. At that time the attic was dismantled, the tower was lowered and the building lost its renaissance appearance. During the war the town hall was blown up, leaving only the quadrangular, the oldest part of the base of the tower. In 2011 it was reconstructed.


The three lowest storeys of the town hall tower are erected on a square plan and are made of granite. This is the oldest part of the medieval town hall. A stone, judges table is preserved at the tower, most probably from the 15th century.

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