Strzegom – St Barbara’s Church


St. Barbara’s church was built in the 14th century, originally as a synagogue. In 1454 the jews of Strzegom were accused of desecration of the host and expelled from the city, and the synagogue was transformed into a church. At that time, the eastern wall was demolished and the polygonally ended chancel was built. In 1870 a large repair works took place.


Originally the synagogue was a small, built in stone, a rectangular hall without annexes and covered with a double-span rib vault. It was decorated with a turret in the south-east corner. Today, after the fifteenth-century conversion, it is a one-nave temple with a three-side ended chancel. The chancel is covered with a late gothic, net vault, and the nave is covered with rib vault. In the chancel walls there is a stone sedilia, a gothic tabernacle, and a stone baptismal font from 1500.

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