Strzegom – chapel of St Anthony


   The chapel was built in the 15th century by Łukasz Schleierweber, one of the founders of the Świdnica cathedral church. This is an interesting example of the adaptation of the tower in the city walls for sacred purposes. The chapel had a sacred and defensive function.


   The chapel is a small, aisleless building, with a pentagonal, brick chancel which has from the outside a cilindrical outline. Nave is stone, buttresses, barrel vaulted. The presbytery has a rib vault. The chapel has two towers: from the northwest and south-east. They are different in height, octagonal, topped with eight-pointed helmets. Arrowslites are located in the attic and at the chancel.

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Website, Kaplica św. Antoniego.
Website, Kaplica – basteja św. Antoniego Strzegom.