Stolec – church of Immaculate Conception


   The church in Stolec was built in the middle of the 13th century. In the sixteenth century, the towers were raised and topped with new Renaissance helmets, and in the eighteenth century, the porch and sacristy were added. Unfortunately, most of the windows in the nave were also transformed at that time. The temple, although originally Catholic, in the years 1536-1653 and from 1707 until the end of World War II was a Protestant church. In the years 1837-1863 a restaurant of building was carried out. Unused until 1960, today church is the seat of the parish.


   The church was erected from a rectangular, longitudinal nave and a shorter rectangular chancel. Its characteristic feature are two quadrilateral, lofty towers rising from the eastern part of the nave, just near the contact point of the presbytery. It was an unusual solution for church in such a small settlement as Stolec.
   Inside the church, attention is drawn to the late Gothic wall polychromy, the altar setting from the beginning of the 16th century, and the cross-rib vault in the presbytery, supported by carved corbels. The nave probably was originally covered with a timber flat ceiling.

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