Stawiszyn – St Bartholomew’s Church


   The church was erected around the middle of the 14th century from the foundation of king Casimir the Great. In the seventeenth century it was destroyed by the Swedish army, and in 1706 was burned after a lightning strike. Later renovated and repaired several timesCurrent shape church got at the end of the 19th century when the neo-Gothic tower and the vaults of the building were completed.


   The church was built of bricks laid in the monk bond, as a three-aisle and three-bay hall building, with a lower two-bay chancel, enclosed by the polygonal east side. A sacristy was placed next to the presbytery, and a tower with a finial rebuilt in neo-Gothic style next to the facade.
   The interior was probably completely covered with rib vaults. In the nave they were based on octagonal inter-nave pillars passing smoothly into wide arcades. In the choir, the walls were divided into two levels separated by an offset at the height of window sills. Lesenes grew out of it, with concave corners. The concaves only beginning at a certain height, so that the boundary between levels was even more emphasized. Lesenes were placed on pedestals on the offset and led up smoothly curving into ogival arches, forming shallow wall recesses (perhaps not finished). The used forms were a mixture of Silesian influences (ribs hung on pilaster strips – lesenes) and architectural impulses exerted by the Gothic Gniezno cathedral (two floors separated by a cornice and offset in the Gniezno presbytery, lesenes in the nave).

Current state

   The church has been significantly transformed in neo-Gothic style, due to which its original architectural details have largely disappeared. The vaults of the nave were probably completely replaced, but some of the original details are seen behind the Baroque main altar in the presbytery.

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