Stara Zagość – church of St John the Baptist


   Zagość was the first seat in the Polish lands of the Knights Hospitallers, which were brought here by prince Henry Sandomierski at the beginning of the second half of the twelfth century. At that time, the first romanesque church and the hospital were built. At the beginning of the fourteenth century the Hospitallers lost their property in Zagość to the Gerward, bishop of Kujawy, as compensation for their earlier invasions to the bishop’s estate.
   Around 1353 the romanesque church was rebuilt into gothic at the initiative of king Casimir the Great. Apparently it was a form of penance for the murder of canon Marcin Baryczka. In the 17th century the church was destroyed by the Rakoczi army, and in 1667 it was renovated and repaired. In the years 1900-1901 the nave of the temple was enlarged, which unfortunately has resulted in the irretrievable destruction of many romanesque sculptural decorations.


   The original Romanesque church was composed of a nave and a simple ended chancel. The nave was covered with a flat ceiling, and the chancel had a cross-rib vault. In the 14th century a nave and chancel was extended, chancel received a three-sided ending. From the Gothic period also comes the vault in chancel, decorated with a bosses with a carved Piast eagle. The outer walls have buttresses with faults. Windows are narrow, lancet. The nave and the chancel are covered with steep roofs.

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Website, Stara Zagość.
Website, Stara Zagość, kościół św. Jana Chrzciciela, dawny joannitów.