Stara Kamienica – castle


   The first known information about the castle, wooden at that time, says that in 1242 it was handed over by prince Bolesław Rogatka to the knight of Siboto, the progenitor of the Schaffgotsch family. Around the middle of the sixteenth century, thanks to Hans Ulrich von Schaffgots, a new seat was established. It was destroyed during the Thirty Years War, after another rebuild it burned down in 1758 and stopped being used.


   Gothic – Renaissance castle was a regular building on a plan close to a rectangle, measuring 37×55 meters, built of stone. A gate in a multi-storey tower was led to courtyard. In the north and east curtain, buildings with basements were erected. The perimeter wall was surrounded by a watered moat.

Current state

   From the castle survived until today the ruins of a gate tower and relics of living wings with collapsed basements. The neglected facility was in a bad state, but recently it was taken over by the Chudów Foundation known for saving the monuments and professional care. Already in the process of arranging the area, a beautiful four-span bridge was discovered, preserved in good condition.

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