Sromowce Niżne – St Catherine’s Church


   The church of St. Catherine in Sromowce Niżne was to be built in 1513, but it was mentioned for the first time only in 1596. In the 17th century it was rebuilt after the damages caused by the floods. Then the tower was added to it. Around 1894 a vestry and storerooms were added from the north, and the entrance to the tower was preceded by a small porch. Further alterations involving the extension of the church took place in 1910 and 1924.


   The church is built in a log structure and the tower in the frame structure. It is an orientated structure, it has one nave and the chancel of the same width with three-sided ending. From the west the tower is preceded by a porch and to the whole north wall of the church is adjacent an outhouse divided into three parts. One of them is dedicated to the sacristy, the other serves as a storeroom, while the third, the middle one, enlarges the space of the temple. The walls of the church and tower are covered with boards, while the tower’s helmet and roof are shingled. The interior of the church is covered with a flat ceiling.

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