Srokowo – Holy Cross Church


   The church in Srokowo was built at the beginning of the 15th century, after receiving the village foundation privilege. In 1409, its nave was already completed or at an advanced stage of work. In the second half of this century, the tower was raised. In the 16th and 17th centuries, the building was renovated several times. In 1897 a new ceiling was made in the nave. From 1718 to 1945, the church belonged to the Evangelical community, but after 1945 it was taken over by Catholics.


   It is a Gothic, orientated, aisleless building. It was built on a rectangular plan, with a vestry on the north side, a south porch, a quadrilateral chancel on the east side and a four-storey tower on the west side. Walls of the nave were reinforced with buttresses and divided by narrow, lancet windows. The building is covered with a gable roof. The tower with a porch in the ground floor, which is entered by the portal with moulded frames, was decorated with many panels. Nave has a flat wooden ceiling, supported by wooden pillars. In the porch under the tower is a cross-rib vault.

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Website, Kościół pw. Krzyża Świętego w Srokowie.