Środa Śląska – church of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary


The church is a remnant of the leprozorium, that is hospital for lepers, founded by the bishop Wawrzyniec in 1220. In order to allow the inhabitants of the shelter to use religious services, a small shrine of the Blessed Virgin was erected. In 1349, when the hospital ceased to function, the church was taken by the Czech Benedictine from Opatowice. In 1620 it was converted into a stable for horses. In the years 1816 – 1871, it was used as an arsenal of a military unit stationed in Środa. During World War II it was damaged.


The church was erected in romanesque style. It is orientated, brick-built, consists of one nave and rectangular chancel with semicircular apse. It is covered with a hemispherical vault, and the chancel has rib vault. Originally, on the south side there was a magnificent stone, profiled portal with columns, and inside the presbytery there were two rows of semicircular seats and a brick floor.

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