Srebrniki – church of Our Lady of the Snow


The construction of the church in Srebrniki started after 1262, after the parish was founded by the City Council of Toruń. It was then called Saint Hedwig. At the turn of the 13th and 14th it was expanded, among others the tower was erected. In 1700, the church was rebuilt, and in 1902 the roof was rebuilt, windows  were converted and the upper part of the tower was rebuilt.


The church was built of glacial erratic stones with bricks around windows and entrances. The one-nave corpus, slightly wider than the chancel, is adjacent to a single-span chancel, which is ended three-sided and has low buttresses. The eastern stepped gable is divided by a frieze in two parts, and is divided by pinnacles and three lancet blendes. There is a four-stepped, pointed portal in the church, and in the vestry, under the tower, a two-stepped pointed portal.

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