Sokolica – St Anna’s Church


   The church in Sokolica was built in the years 1350-1360. Shortly thereafter, in the years 1386-1400, it was expanded, among other tower was increased. It served Catholics until the sixteenth century, during the Reformation was took over by Evangelicals. In the seventeenth century the south porch was added, and in the nineteenth century the northern sacristy was rebuilt. At the end of World War II, the church returned to the Catholic community.


   The church is a Gothic, orientated and aisleless building, erected from bricks laid in monk and Flemish bond on a stone foundation. On the west side is a massive tower, the eastern part is without a separated chancel. The nave is buttressed and its façades are divided by pointed windows and decorated with a cornice. The eastern gable is richly decorated with blendes. The oldest equipment in the church is a Gothic, sculpted triptych from around 1420-1430.

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