Sobków – defense court


Stanislaw Sobek from Sulejów, starost of the Little Poland, and supremus thesaurarius was the founder of the city and fortress. In 1563 king Zygmunt August yielded location privilege, the castle itself was erected in 1560-1570. Other owners were Drohojewscy, Wielkopolscy, Sarbiewscy, Myszkowscy, and from 1725 Szaniawscy families, who rebuilt the castle to the palace. From the nineteenth century began a gradual fall of the fortalice, which the next owners did not care about. During the First World War, the fortress, especially the Szaniawscy palace, was destroyed.


The perimeter walls were shaped on irregularly rectangular with towers in the corners. Inside the walls there was a large mansion, in the middle of which the original Sobkowski manor house was located. To the walls were adjacent the economic buildings.

Current state

At present the renovated, well-kept court is owned by a private owner and in buildings commercial activities are carried out. In the former economic buildings there is a restaurant, guest rooms, banquet halls and exhibitions of carriages and historical objects. On site there is a riding school, knights tournaments and numerous outdoor events. Interested in a detailed plan of events and attractions, check out the latest information on the official website here.

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