Sobień – castle


   The origins of the castle are not explained. Most often its construction is connected with the person of king Casimir the Great, but nothing about this investment does not mention the chroniclers Janko of Czarnków and Jan Długosz. More certain information is about given the castle in 1389 by king Władysław Jagiełło to the family of Kmita coat of arms Szreniawa. From then on, it was the seat of the family. In 1474 and again in 1512 the castle was damaged during the invasion of Hungary. After these events the Kmites moved their residence to nearby Lesko, and the abandoned castle began to fall into ruin.


   The castle was erected from a local stone on a plan of irregular quadrilateral size 49x29x28x31 meters. The dwelling wing of 12×31 was divided into three rooms and filled the south-east curtain. In the corner of the northwest was a four-sided tower with the dimensions of 7.1×7.8 meters. Previously, there was another, smaller tower ejected from the walls. The entrance to the castle led from the northeast by adjoining outer bailey.

Current state

   In the overgrown forest of the hill still are fragments of the walls and buildings and the remains of the earth ramparts of outer bailey. Castle is adapted for sightseeing, it has viewing platform on the Bieszczady Mountains.

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