Słupsk – St Mary’s church


   The church was erected in the years 1276-1280. Initially, it was called St. Mauritius, which was changed to the Blessed Virgin Mary in the 14th century, during the short reign of the Teutonic Knights over Słupsk. Also in the 14th century the church was rebuilt for the first time. First, a chancel was erected until the mid-fourteenth century, and then a corpus was built in the second half of the 14th century.
   During a fire in 1476 the town was severely damaged. Around 1500 the temple was rebuilt and on the occasion greatly enlarged. Since the 16th century the church was a Protestant temple and returned to Catholics after the Second World War. In the years 1858-1860 a thorough neo-gothic building restaurant was carried out, during which the interior was renovated and gables were added above the southern aisle. In 1894, the porch was additionally transformed under the tower.


   The church is a basilica with a three-nave interior with a high nave and fairly wide aisles. It was founded on a rectangular plan, with a narrower, presbytery. Later, a chapel was added and a southern, two-span and two-story sacristy was erected. The roofs over the presbytery, the nave and sacristy are gable, and the side aisles are mono-pitched. The church outside is clasped with buttresses, between which there are large ogival windows. The tower is circled by a frieze, while the elaborate ornament running under the roof of the basilica has a sign of cross. The main decorative motifs of the tower are blendes, whose frames are a profiled bricks. Portals from the west and south consist of five oval frames, stepped arranged from a specially profiled brick.
   Inside the central nave and the presbytery are covered with a stellar six-arm vaults. The aisles have been covered with rib vaults. The arcade of the chancel arch and the arcades of the naves are ogival and profiled on both sides. Over the arcades there is an analogue frieze, as on the external façade.

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