Słupsk – St Hyacinth’s Church


   The church of St. Hyacinth in Słupsk was erected by Dominicans, who was brought by the prince of Gdańsk Mściwój II after 1278. Primary monastic buildings lay near the city, but as a result of the territorial development of the city and its reestablishment on the Lubeck Law in 1310, the area allocated to the Dominicans was located within the town.
The current Gothic Dominican church was erected from the first half of the 14th century to the first half of the 15th century. The present appearance was obtained as a result of rebuilding after the fire of 1395. In the sixteenth century after the Reformation the church was twice ransacked and near collapsed. Since the beginning of the 17th century it has been converted into an evangelical castle church. In the second half of the nineteenth century, a neo-Gothic restaurant was erected, during which walls and windows surfaces were changed. After the fire of 1892, the neo-Gothic gables and the pseudo-baroque helmet of the tower were introduced. During World War II, warfare spared the building, with only partial windows and roof damage.


   The church consists of an elongated four-bay chancel ended by a straight wall and a short, three-bay nave, which was originally two-aisle. The walled up arcades of the low aisle are still visible on the north side. The length of the entire building is about 28 meters, width is 8.5 meters and the interior height is 15 meters. The tower is fused in nave on the west side. Lower part of tower is quadrilateral, higher is octagon. The church covers the common gable roof. The eastern gable of the chancel is stepped and crowned with pinnacles, between which are the lancet  blendes and the oval openings. Outside the chancel has buttresses, between which are pointed windows. The interior is covered with stellar vault, four-armed, uniform along the entire length and divided by arcades.

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Website turystycznybaltyk.pl, Podominikański kościół św. Jacka w Słupsku.