Sławutowo – open air museum


   The reconstruction of the slavic settlement consists of 3 defensive gates and 8 huts, where the workshops of the then craftsmen are active. It is surrounded by a 400-meter palisade built of wooden piles.

Current state

   In Sławutowo there is a reconstruction of the early medieval slavic settlement from the turn of the 9th and 10th centuries. Here you can see the work of a potter, a weaver, a baker, a herbalist, a saddler, and their tools and other everyday items. You can visit the village with a guide or yourself, and an educational path is also planned. They are organized classes, live history lessons, knights shows, archery competitions, pottery, blacksmithing, weaving, sculpture or herbalism workshops. They are prepared cooking demonstrations with baked breads and fire. Picnics, festivals and shows take place in hillfort. Souvenirs are also sold on site. Visiting time for individual clients is unlimited.

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