Skotniki – church of St John the Baptist


   The parish church of Skotniki was founded in 1347 by archbishop of Gniezno Jarosław Bogoria from Skotnik. In about 1370 polychromes were made, preserved to this day. After 1455 a stellar vault was erected in the nave, supported by a centrally located pillar. In 1500 the church was mentioned as a hospital and a shelter for the poor. The church was damaged in 1582 during the Vistula flood. It was redeveloped in the 16th century, in the middle of the 18th century, after the world wars, and the last time after the fire in 1981.


   The gothic church was erected from bricks in a flemish bond with a geometric decoration on the façades. It consists of a nave on the projection of a short rectangle and a narrower chancel with a three-sided end from the east. The walls of the nave and the chancel are covered with a buttresses with an additional buttress on the axis of the western wall. From the north to the chancel lies an primal sacristy with an 18th-century vestibule. From the south to the nave was added at the end of the 18th century the porch.
The nave was originally covered with a ceiling. Currently it has a stellar vault, supported by a centrally located hexagonal pillar and wall brackets. The single-bay presbytery is three-side ended from the east and rib vaulted. Vaults are decorated with Bogoria and Jastrzębiec coats of arms.

Current state

   To this day, the church has retained its original Gothic shape and a lot of original architectural elements. In the interior are exposed valuable polychromes from about 1370, XV and XVI century. There are original Gothic corbels and portals: the main one on the south side to the nave and from the chancel to the sacristy, with the door wings of the 14th century.

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