Sierpc – church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary


The original wooden structure from the foundation of the brothers Prokop and Felix Sieprski was erected after the epidemic in 1483 at the place of the apparition of the Blessed Virgin Mary to the reverend Andrzej of Sierpc. Already in 1513 the building was burned down. In its place a gothic brick church was erected. In 1620 Zofia Potulicka’s efforts, the owner of the part of Sierpc, brought 6 Benedictines from Chełmno, for which a monastery was erected next to the church. In 1655 the Swedish squad robbed the church and the monastery. In 1794, in the fire the church lost its roof and interior decoration. In the years 1965-1975 a thorough renovation of the church was carried out.


The church has a nave and a rectangular ended chancel. On the south wall of the chancel in 1566 a burial chapel was added. There is a porch at the nave. The windows of the church are semicircular. The main entrance to the church from the western side is decorated with a brick, gothic portal. In the main altar there is a statue of the Virgin Mary with the Child dating back to the mid 14th century.

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