Sękowa – St Philip and St James’ Church


   The church of St. Philip and Jacob was built around 1520. In the eighteenth century the tower was erected and the arcades that were around the temple. The first major refurbishment of the church was conducted in 1819, and the next in the second half of the nineteenth century. Then the walls and the ceiling were covered with figural polychrome with neo-gothic motifs. The church was severely devastated during the First World War. During the Battle of Gorlice the wooden church material was used for the construction of trenches and for fuel. After the end of the war, the church was reconstructed in 1918 and then in the second half of the twentieth century.


   The late gothic church was built from larch logs in a log structure. Its plan consists of a nave with a narrower, three-side ended chancel, and a vestry on the north side. From the west to the temple adjoins an tower, open in the ground floor, covered with a domed helmet. The church is surrounded by arcades, supported by pillars. The walls of the church above arcades and the high, gable roof are covered with shingle, which intensifies the picturesque nature of the building

Current state

   The church is considered of one of the most beautiful and picturesque in Lesser Poland. Its unique architectural, historical and aesthetic values were appreciated in the international forum, placing it on the UNESCO list in 2003. Inside there is a stone, late gothic font from 1522.

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