Sędziszowa – tower house


   The defense tower house was probably built in the 14th century. Its founder or the first owner is not known. In the 15th / 16th century it was expanded by the addition of the southern and eastern ranges by the von Nimptsch family. At the beginning of the 17th century, another building with a rich entrance portal decorated with heraldic shields was added to it. The entire complex was rebuilt in the 18th century in the baroque style, and in the next century the tower received a neo-gothic crenelation.


   The tower is a four-storey building, built of stone on a quadrangular plan with dimensions of approximately 22.5×25 meters. The entrance to its interior led through an ogival portal straight to the second floor, most likely by means of external timber stairs or a ladder. This method allowed for easy isolation of the tower from potential attackers. Inside the tower in the ground floor room there was a stellar vault, while the second floor was covered with a wooden ceiling. On the third floor, probably acting as the main hall, there were side window niches for sitting. In the tower on individual floors there were no internal stone divisions, probably only wooden partitions. The latrines were located on the western wall, at the height of the top two floors. The tower was originally surrounded by a moat and an earth rampart.

Current state

   The tower has been preserved in good condition, but unfortunately it is currently occupied by offices and is not open to the public, and the surrounding area is heavily neglected.

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