Ścinawa – church of Exaltation of the Holy Cross


The first church in Ścinawa probably was built at the beginning of the 13th century. Its first parish priest Simon was mentioned in sources in 1209. Initially, this building had the call of Saint John the Baptist. In the middle of the fifteenth century, a thorough rebuilding of the temple was made. The works lasted until about 1491, because such date is on the boss of the chancel  vault, which was added to the older nave. The reconstruction was related with receiving of the church by the Order of Holy Spirit from prince Konrad the White, as their monastery and hospital in the suburbs of Głogów were destroyed by the Hussites. The order had a church until the Reformation, that is until 1522. From 1534 to 1945, it was an Evangelical temple. After the Thirty Years’ War, as a result of which the tower and the vault over the nave were destroyed, in the years 1668-1669 renovation and reconstruction were carried out. In the years 1869-1872, the church was thoroughly renovated again, and subsequent repairs were carried out after the damages of World War II.


The church was located in the south-western part of the town, by the city walls. It was erected as a building orientated towards the sides of the world, brick. It consists of a three naves on a rectangular plan in the form of a hall structure. To the east a narrower chancel was added with a three-side ending. On the west there is a six-storey, four-sided tower embedded in the façade. Both the tower and the chancel should be associated with the 15th-century reconstruction, the nave is the remnant of the older building.

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