Sątopy – St Judoc’s Church


The erection of the church of St Judoc started around the middle of the 14th century. The church was built in 1380. Then or later a southern porch was added. Around 1500 the towers were made. In 1699 a refurbishment and slight renovation of the church was made, enlarging the pointed windows. In 1884, the vestry and the porch were renewed, and in 1886 the size of the windows was changed again to the original form.


It is a late gothic church, orientated, hall. It was built of field stones in the lower parts, and in the higher of the brick on a rectangular plan. On the north side there is a vestry, on the south side porch, and on the west a massive, square tower, divided into four floors by plastered friezes. In the ground floor of the tower there is a porch, which leads to the lanced and stepped portal. Above there is a circular lunette and plastered blendes. The whole is topped with pinnacles and a gable roof. As in the tower, the nave, sacristy and porch gables are decorated with pinnacles and blendes. The nave of the building is  buttresses. The interior is covered with a flat, polychrome, wooden ceiling.

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