Sarnowo – St Martin’s Church


   The church in Sarnowo was erected at the turn of the 13th / 14th century, originally it was called St. Magdalene. It was damaged in 1655 during the Swedish Deluge. It was rebuilt before 1881, also raising the neo-gothic burial chapel of Działowski family. Another fire broke out in 1938. It was rebuilt a year later, then the neo-gothic chapel and sacristy were added on the north side.


   The church was built of field stones with layers of brick rubble and granite. In the upper part and at the gables it is a brick. The temple is aisleless, orientated, has a narrower, three-sides ended chancel on the east side, topped with a reconstructed stellar vault. The length of the church is 24 meters, width is 10 meters.

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