Sandomierz – Holy Spirit Church


The beginning of the church dates back to the 13th century, when the castellan of Cracow Żegota built a wooden church and hospital. The temple burned down in a fire in 1349, during the invasion of the Lithuanians. Reconstruction was done in the second half of the fourteenth century, but a brick temple was erected. The church underwent further destruction in the following centuries, during the city fires. After the largest of them, which took place in 1757, the temple was rebuilt in baroque style. In 1829 the existing facade of the church was added. During the Second World War, the church suffered no major damages, except the chancel vaults damaged by the artillery shells.


The original gothic church was a pseudo-double-nave with an elongated three-span, three side ended chancel on the east side. A powerful pillar in the middle of the nave supported the rich gothic vaults. The building was made of brick and originally covered with shingle roof.

Current state

At present, the gothic elements of the church are mainly seen in the chancel of the church. The remaining parts were strongly distorted by baroque and classicist rebuildings.

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