Rzemień – tower house


   The earliest information about the tower dates back to the middle of the fifteenth century. It was raised by the Tarnowski kinship from the Lelewit family, who owned Rzemień to the death of Stanisław Tarnowski in 1587. Later resided in the castle the widow Zofia from Mieleccy family and Anna Mielecka, who sold Rzemień in 1616 to Stanisław Lubomirski. Then it fell into the hands of Sanguszko, Lasocki and other noble families. In 1625, Stanisław Lubomirski surrounded the castle with bastion fortifications. In the first quarter of the nineteenth century the tower was abandoned. Still in 1857 Feliks Bogusz added the highest storey, and in 1931 during the renovation to the tower were added new brick rooms with a round tower containing a staircase.


   The tower was erected on a marshy plain, on a headland cut off with a stream and ponds. It has a rectangular plan measuring 13×13,7 meters and originally consisted of four storeys. The thickness of the walls on the ground floor was up to 2 meters. In the 16th century the tower was surrounded by embankments. On its two-story porch there was a passageway to a wooden building on a earth rampart. From the south there were outer bailey with economic buildings.

Current state

   The tower in Rzemień has survived to modern times, but probably only its lower parts come from the Middle Ages, and its present stylistics refers to the times after the renaissance rebuilding. The tower is currently privately owned, but it is possible to visit it.

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