Rząśnik – church of the Holy Trinity


   The church in Rząśnik was first mentioned in 1368, but the original Romanesque structure was created earlier, in the 13th century. In the 15th and 18th centuries church underwent reconstruction.


   The medieval, late-Romanesque church was built of unworked stones and ashlar in the corners. It consisted of a rectangular nave and a two-bay, vaulted presbytery. Later, a Gothic four-sided tower was added to the west, and a sacristy was added to the northern wall of the chancel. The cross-rib vault in the chancel was supported on massive geometric corbels.

Current state

   From the original buileding, the perimeter walls with the chancel arch, two bricked up windows in the northern wall of the nave and the eastern window of the chancel have survived. In the northern wall of the nave there is a bricked up pointed portal, the other is in the northern wall of the chancel.

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