Rząsiny – Castle Podskale


   The castle was perhaps built in 1207 by prince Henry the Bearded to secure the southern border of the duchy. It was still wooden. In 1368, when the duchy of Świdnica-Jawor was incorporated into the Czech Crown, the castle became the property of the Dalach-Talkenberg family, whose members previously held the burgrave functions. An alternative version states that the castle was built in the fourteenth century by the hands of Talkenberg family.
Bernard Talkenberg was involved in the robbery and, in 1476, the castle was captured by the Czech and Hungarian king Maciej Korwin under the command of the Silesian Voivode Jerzy Stein and the townspeople from Lwówek Śląski and from the six Lusatian towns. Then it was blown up by miners from Kowary and demolished by bricklayers from Jelenia Góra and Lwówek. In the 16th century the castle was partly rebuilt by Krzysztof Talkenberg. Around 1530 it was abandoned by Ramphold Talkenberg, who moved to nearby Płakowice. Since then the castle has been destroyed. In 1818 the last of its remains were dismantled and used for road construction.


   The castle was a two-part stronghold consisting of an upper and a lower part raised from unworked stone. It occupied a rocky hill with a 7-meter wide peak. A circumference of the defensive wall and a residential building were located there. Residential or commercial buildings were also located on the lower castle.

Current state

   The relics of the defensive wall and the remains of the upper castle residential building on the top of a rocky hill have survived to the present day. In the lower castle there are relics of a vaulted cellar.

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