Ryczów – castle


   Most researchers believe that the castle in Ryczów was founded by king Casimir the Great as part of the border guards system. Because of the lack of written sources, however, this is only a poorly documented hypothesis. The castle was probably erected in the 14th century and was only used for the fifteenth century.


   It was probably a tower-type building on the plan of a quadrangle close to the trapezoid with dimensions of 16x11x12x10 meters. The walls were strengthen with buttresses. The entrance was led from the east by a wooden bridge based on a rock. A small courtyard of 15×25 meters was adjoined to the foot of the cliff. The whole was surrounded by a moat and earth ramparts.

Current state

   To this day, only small fragments of walls on high rocks and the earth ramparts with height of about 1.5 meters, have been preserved. Due to its location, the stone remains of the castle are difficult to access.

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