Ruszcza – church of St Gregory


   St. Gregory’s church was founded in 1417 by the Cracow’s stolnik, Wierzbięta from Branice. It was built on the site of an earlier Romanesque temple from the 13th century. From its beginning until the middle of the eighteenth century, the church was a collegiate church, that is a non-cathedral church with a chapter. In 1925, a new, second vestry was added and the windows of the nave were remodeled, partially obliterating their pointed, Gothic form.


   The church is made of bricks with the use of decorative patterns made of harder burnt zendrówka. It consists of a two-bay nave, a tower added from the west and a chancel closed in the east with a straight wall. A Gothic sacristy adjoins from the north. The chancel is two-bay and covered with a cross-rib vault. In the church there are old polish epigraphs, of which the most valuable is the stone tombstone from 1425 with the picture of Wierzbięta from Branice in armor.

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