Rosochate Kościelne – St Dorothy’s Church


   Work on the erection of the church began around 1527, and was completed before 1546. It was renovated several times, among others in 1690 and in 1775. In 1781, roofs, ceilings and interior decor were burnt down, and then the western and eastern gables elevations were probably destroyed. During the First World War the nave vaults were damaged by artillery shells. Reconstruction was done in 1919. A new gable was erected in the western façade, in which it was also unveiled plastered portal. The church was burned in 1944 and rebuilt in 1946-1949.


   It is a late Gothic church, orientated, brick-built. The nave of the building is three-aisle, pseudobasilic, four-bay. To the rectangular nave was added chancel, equal to its height and closed straight. On the north wall there is a two-storey, rectangular vestry. Its floor was accessible by stairs placed in the thickness of the wall. Originally the central nave and chancel were covered with a timber ceiling and the side aisles had stellar and net vaults.

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Website, Parafia św. Doroty w Rosochatem Kościelnem.