Reszel – St Peter and Paul Church


    The church was built in the years 1360-1402. Together with the nave was also built the lower part of the tower. The sacristy and porch were built in the 15th century. The church was partly destroyed by fire in 1474. During the reconstruction, which was undertaken in the following year, a new eastern gable and stellar vault of the corps were erected. Around 1500 the tower was raised. In 1580 the consecration of the church was made by bishop Marcin Kromer in honor of the Blessed Virgin Mary and the apostles Peter and Paul. After the fire of 1806, the rebuilt church was re-consecrated in 1817 by bishop Andrzej Stanisław Hatten in honor of the holy Apostles Peter and Paul and St. Catherine. In 1837 a new helmet with a lantern was erected, and in 1822-1843 a new interior was created.


   It is a gothic, orientated, three-nave, hall church, without a separate chancel. It was erected on a plan of a rectangle, made of brick, on a low stone foundation. On the western side is a square, eight-storey tower with a height of 52 meters, with a porch in the ground floor. Between the sacristy and the porch is a one-storey, narrow, annex, while on the east side a rectangular one-storey library, built in 1471. The body of the building was covered with buttresses. There are pointed portals with richly profiled frames from the second half of the 14th century. Inside the windows were set up in wide, pointed niches. The temple is decorated with profiled cornices, blendes and tops with pinnacles. The eastern top was segmented by a series of cornered pinnacles. At the top’s axis there is an octagonal turret.
The interior of the nave was covered with a stellar vault, supported on four pairs of octagonal pillars and the same number of halfpillars placed next to the walls. In the north-facing vestry, as well as in the porch, stellar and rib vaults were used. From the outside, on the left side of the portal was placed a pillory in the shape of a circular stone plate from the 14th or 15th centuries.

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