Reszel – city defensive walls


The town was built in 1337 and occupied a naturally protected area on the Sajna river. The city walls were erected with the castle around the middle of the 14th century.


The city defensive walls were erected from bricks in a flemish (gothic) bond and decorated by zendrówka brick. The pedestal of the walls was stone. Their circumference was about 1,000 meters long and was adjusted in plan to the shape of the hill on which the city lay. In the fortifications were three gates: from the west High Gate, Kings Gate from the north and Fisher Gate from the east. The Kings Gate and Fisher Gate were preceded by brick bridges. The walls were strengthen with few towers, and from the west and north additional reinforcement was the moat.

Current state

Reszel’s defensive walls are retained in a small fragments. They are visible in the vicinity of the High Bridge and in the north and west of the city, on the streets of Spichrzowa and Kraszewskiego. On the west side there is preserved reconstructed defensive tower with remnants of the wall.

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