Rembów – Castle Szumsko


The first known owners of the village of Rembów were representatives of the Odrowąż family. They began construction of a castle called Szumsko at the beginning of the 14th century. Its founder might have been hypothetical Krzesław or Jakub, after which death the castle became the property of the Porait family. When they built a new residence in Kurozwęki, Szumsko was abandoned and partly demolished. The castle was used briefly, which could have caused structural errors, because it was not placed on the rock, but on the molded loess, which caused the walls to fall.


The perimeter wall, made of sandstone and glacial erratic stones, circled an irregular oval measuring 24 x 36 meters. Its eastern part was much higher than the western one. The gate was in the south and east of it was a building measuring 6,5 x 7,7 meters. The center of the courtyard occupied the house, probably a tower on square plan on the side of 6 meters. It was adjacent to an elongated house erected on the northern wall. It consisted of three chambers and had dimensions of 6 x 24 meters. In the eastern part of the courtyard stood another tower building on a square plan with a side of 5,2 meters. The only element beyond the perimeter walls was located in the eastern part, housing a room measuring  2 x 3 meters space. The castle was surrounded by a ditch, from which the excavated stones were used to build Szumsko.

Current state

The castle has not survived to modern times. Only relics of stone foundations are visible.

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