Rakowice Wielkie – Town’s Tower


   The Town’s Tower in Rakowice Wielkie was established at the turn of the 15th and 16th centuries. Probably belonged to the town of Lwówek, though it is also possible to find information that the Wirth family, or the knight Georg Zedlitz erected it. The tower was rebuilt several times, the third floor was removed and the entrance from the ground floor was expanded.


   A four-sided, three-storey tower measuring 9×8,5 meters was built of sandstone reinforced in the corners with erratic, larger stones. On the stone supports were once a timber porch with arrowslits in the floor and walls. It was entered by a portal on the same floor. Defense nature was supplemented by fourteen narrow openings located on all floors. The entrance kept the bolt guide in the jambs.
   Inside on the ground floor there was a economic room and a timber staircase next to the entrance, leading to the first floor. On first floor was a large room and a narrow staircase separated from it. The top floor was a knight’s apartment, where, apart from the bedroom, there was a small chamber and corridor.

Current state

   Until today, all exterior stone walls with original windows stonework, arrowslits and stone supports reinforcing the non-existent timber porch have been preserved.

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