Rakowice Wielkie – Prince’s Tower


   The Prince’s Tower in Rakowice Wielkie was erected in the second quarter of the 16th century. Although it is called the Prince’s, it was owned by knight Hans Reussner, who owned this part of Rakowice. It was built primarily for residential purposes. After him, the estate was owned by small feudal lords, whose property usually did not exceed of one village.


   The tower was erected on a plan similar to a square measuring 9,5x10x11,5×12 meters. It was built with sandstone and erratic stones. The whole was covered with a gable, steep roof. The entry was through a stone portal with a semicircular arch. Within there was a large room and a rectangular hallway leading to the stone steps to the first floor. The second floor was like a ground floor. There was a larger vaulted room and a similar staircase. The exception was the installation of timber stairs in it, which reduced the load and removed the threat of collapse. The third floor was divided into a living room and a chamber, which was covered with a timber ceiling. In addition to the mentioned rooms, on the second floor at the north wall, just at the stairs, was a very small room with a metal dish and so-called gargoyle. It was a stone gutter that used to bring out the litter.

Current state

   To this day, only the relics of the tower have preserved. Although after 1945 it was preserved in its entirety, it fell into disrepair. In the 1960s, the roof collapsed, and in subsequent years, in the early 1970s, more ceilings and upper parts of all walls felt down. This is the best example of scandalous neglects in the protection of monuments.

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